Currency Exchange

When buying a property overseas, the difference in exchange rates can make a very large difference to the amount you eventually pay in your own currency.

Therefore, a common feature when buying a property overseas is to use the services of a money exchange company – And the reason is, that even with the big 5 banks, the rates offered vary considerably between each other, leaving the buyer with little choice and exposed to rate fluctuations.

As an added service to our clients, Vega Realty have negotiated with Money Corp to help you reduce this risk when buying a property, whether for your own use or for purely investment purposes.

The service is geared to:

  • saving you money on your currency by giving you the absolute best rate
  • making exchanging and transferring currency easy
  • reducing your risk of losing money on adverse currency fluctuations
  • giving you more control over your financial future

How can Smart Currency Exchange Save money on Currency exchange transactions?

Rather than you having to accept an uncompetitive fixed rate from your bank, they are able to call upon the currency trading floors directly to negotiate an excellent rate on your behalf. This alone can save you £1,000's.

You can also realise incredible savings and reduce the risk of adverse currency fluctuations by fixing a rate for your currency requirements today for a purchase in the future (up to 6 months).

Additionally they can truly offer you the best rates on the market, because unlike the banks with their large offices, huge sales forces, enormous marketing costs and many different industry specialists, their team only specialise in currency transactions of this type. This allows them to focus exclusively on servicing your needs.

For a quote or more information on how you can get the absolute best exchange rate on amounts from £1,000 to £10,000,000, call us or send us an enquiry.